Two distinct aspects of skeletal muscle aging: primary sarcopenia and aged muscle regeneration


Eating Dysfunction Accompanying Deterioration of Alzheimer's disease


Multiple roles of exosomes


Creating dementia-friendly communities


Old Drugs Learn New Tricks: Drug Repurposing Saves the WORLD !


End-of-Life Planning Why Is It Necessary and What Deters You from Engaging in It?


Super-resolution imaging of submitochondrial structure in living cells


Aging and vitamin C

  Geriatrics & Gerontology International May 2016 Special Issue:
Special Issue: Comprehensive Gerontological Approach for the Next Stage: Health and Medicine. Guest Editors: Hideki Ito MD PhD, Shunei Kyo MD PhD, Ryutaro Takahashi MD PhD, Shoji Shinkai MD PhD MPH, Tamao Endo PhD. This publication has been supported by Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology (Japan)

Lifestyle-related factors contributing to changes in lower-limb muscle strength among elderly women


A glycomic study on semisupercentenarians for healthy aging and extreme longevity


Glycan structures on cell surface and aging

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