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From the Deputy Director

>Tamao Endo, Ph.D. The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (TMIG) was founded in 1972 and was established to engage in a wide range of research into aging mechanisms, pathogenesis and prevention methods of age-associated diseases, and social problems frequently faced by the elderly. Researchers at the TMIG study various fields of gerontology, focusing on research that furthers progress in geriatric medicine, long-term care, and health promotion in the elderly.
We previously performed first and second medium-term goals that were highly regarded by others external to the institute. Based on these fruitful achievements, we planned the third five-year medium-term goal (2018-2022) that started in April of this year. All institutional members will collaborate to achieve the research goals.
Japan, including Tokyo, is currently facing a super-aged society. Aging affects various biological functions, resulting in altered physiological and pathological conditions. Therefore, it is important to understand the aging process to solve age-associated medical and social problems. Over the next five years, our research will focus on frailty, sarcopenia and locomotive syndromes, cancer, dementia, and other diseases, from basic and applied standing points. We will collaborate with the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital as well as universities, research institutes, and hospitals to prolong healthy life, increase quality of life of the elderly, and prevent age-associated various diseases.
We thank you for your continual support for TMIG.

Tamao Endo, Ph.D.
Deputy director of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology