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 Research Team for Mechanism of Aging

  Tamao Endo, Ph.D.


  Research team for mechanism of aging orients to identify structure and function of genes and proteins that play important roles in normal aging and pathological conditions. It is very important to elucidate the functions of each gene product (e.g., proteins, glycans, etc) and their mutual interactions during aging. We also will examine deterioration of their functions in age-associated diseases. The post-genomic research has now been launched and science has become more concerned with the proteomic approach, including the post-translational modification of proteins. Another major issue of our team is although oxidative stress is thought to be an important environmental factor in aging, details are not clear. We will elucidate relation between oxidative stress and senescence at molecular, cellular, and tissue levels. By research for mechanism of aging, we will try to open a new venue for the post-genomic research era in aging and aged-associated disorders, and for successful aging.

  Major Research Titles
  Molecular Glycobiology

Molecular Gerontology

Redox Research

Proteome Research



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