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Research on Biology and Medical Sciences
Vice-director : Tamao Endo, Ph.D.

   ■Research Team for Mechanism of Aging
  Molecular Glycobiology  ●Molecular Gerontology 
  Redox Research  ●Proteome Research
   ■Research Team for Functional Biogerontology
  Genomics for Longevity and Health  ●Molecular Regulation of Aging 
  Autonomic Neuroscience   Biological Process of Aging 
  Molecular Neurobiology
   ■Research Team for Geriatric Medicine
  Vascular Medicine  ●Aging and Life Style-associated Diseases
  Gerontology of Motor System
   ■Research Team for Geriatric Pathology
  Aging and Carcinogenesis  ●Neuropathophysiology 
  Neuropathology (the Brain Bank for Aging Research)
   ■Research Team for Neuroimaging
  Functional Brain Research

Research Support Facilities

   ■Department of Translational Research Promotion
   ■Animal Facility
   ■Radioisotope Laboratory
   ■Positron Medical Center (Attached Clinic)
   ■Health Promotion Center


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