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Sept. 1969 Special Committee on the Institute of Gerontology (tentative name) was organized by order of the Governor.
July. 1970 Construction of the building began.
Oct. 1970 The Preparatory Committee for Setting-up of the Institute of Gerontology (tentative name) was organized
Mar. 1972 Construction of the building was completed..
Apr. 1972 The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (TMIG) was formally opened.
Oct. 1981 TMIG was reorganized and became a private foundation to promote active and creative research.
Sept. 1984 Agreement was reached on research collaboration between TMIG and the National Institute on Aging of the United States.
June. 1986 MIG was designated by The World Health Organization as a WHO Collaborating Center for the Health of the Elderly.
Mar. 1988 Research collaboration was established between TMIG and the Beijing Geriatric Institute, Capital Institute of Medicine, the People's Republic of China.
Sept. 1988 Scientific cooperation was established between TMIG and the Institute of Gerontology, Academy of Medical Science, Ukraine.
Aug. 1990 TMIG reorganized its laboratories into six divisions.
Apr. 1998 TMIG recognized its laboratories into eight division and Positron Medical Center.
Apr. 2002 TMIG and a foundation for regional welfare for senior citizens and the disabled were rnerged in the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for Research on Aging and Promotion of Human Welfare.
The research group system was introduced.
Apr. 2005 The core research system was introduced.
Apr. 2009 Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (TMIG) and Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital (TMGH) were merged and established new organization as Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology( TMGHIG).
May. 2013 In spring of 2013, a new facility was constructed