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Research Objectives

The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (TMIG) takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of aging and can be divided into three fields of research. In field one, TMIG is involved in foundational scientific research into mechanisms of aging and age-management. In the second field, the institute is dedicated to the research and development of practical techniques for health management, disease prevention, and diagnostics. In the third field, TMIG implements epidemiological and social surveys concerning the social welfare and healthy long-life of elderly. All three fields are integral to the scientific understanding of the aging process and realizing healthy long-life and well-being for individuals and the aging society.

Three fields of research:

( 1 ) Aging mechanism and age-management.

( 2 ) Research concerning the prevention, treatment, health condition, and root cause of important age-related illnesses. #

( 3 ) Research into social welfare of seniors and the promotion of healthy long-life.

# Age related illnesses include: cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia

  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology is supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Senior Medical Care, Health Preservation, and Social Welfare Administration.

  2. Research is sponsored through affiliations with regional governments and regional facilities for the social welfare of the aged.

  3. TMIG actively carries out collaborative research with national and local public organizations as well as civilian private enterprises.

  4. TMIG proactively engages in research exchange with international representatives of aging studies institutes.

  5. The research institute utilizes state of the art facilities and cutting-edge technology in the study of age-related diseases.

  6. Research results are readily shared in public lectures and publications, giving back to the people who helped make the research possible and ensuring that the general public remains active and informed through all stages of the research process.