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New article : The new effect of rapamycin in endothelial cells during senescence in "Cell Communication and Signaling"
  • Norihiko Sasaki, Ph.D., Yoko Itakura, Ph.D., Masashi Toyoda, Ph.D. ( Vascular Medicine )

Recent Advances in Basic Pancreatic Cancer Research
  • Toshiyuki Ishiwata, M.D., Ph.D. / Team Leader (Geriatric Pathology)

Religion in a super-aged society
  • Tsuyoshi Okamura, M.D., Ph.D. / Researcher (Dementia and Mental Health)

A sign of human aging from cellular senescence ∼ the aging field expanded by measuring glycans ∼
  • Yoko Itakura, Ph.D. / Researcher (Vascular Medicine)

The International Brain Bank Symposium
  • Date: September 28 (Fri.), 2018. 13:00-16:30
  • Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital & Institute of Gerontology (JAPAN)

Physical activity and health among older adults
  • Satoshi Seino, Ph.D. / Researcher (Research on Healthy Aging and Community Health)

Press Release (May 18, 2018)    How walking while talking can help predict dementia
  • Ryota Sakurai, Ph.D. / Researcher (Social Participation and Community Health)

How Radiopharmaceuticals for Positron Emission Tomography are Made
  • Jun Toyohara, Ph.D. / Theme Leader (Functional Brain Research)

Cognitive Functions of oldest-old: before 100 years old and after
  • Hiroki Inagaki, Ph.D. / Researcher (Prevention and Intervention of Dementia and Depression)

Contribution of the Brain Bank towards Neuroscience Research on Aging-related Disorders
  • Junko Fujigasaki, M.D., Ph.D. / Former Theme Leader (Neuropathology [the Brain Bank for Aging Research])

Two distinct aspects of skeletal muscle aging: primary sarcopenia and aged muscle regeneration
  • Madoka Uezumi, Ph.D. / Researcher (Gerontology of Motor System)

Eating Dysfunction Accompanying Deterioration of Alzheimer's disease
  • Ayako Edahiro, D.D.S., Ph.D. / Researcher (Promoting Independence of the Elderly)

Multiple roles of exosomes
  • Kyojiro Kawakami, Ph.D. / Researcher (Molecular Gerontology)

Creating dementia-friendly communities
  • Shuichi Awata, M.D., Ph.D. / Team Leader (Promoting Independence of the Elderly)

Old Drugs Learn New Tricks: Drug Repurposing Saves the WORLD !
  • Shuichi Yanai, Ph.D. / Researcher (Memory Neuroscience)
  • Shogo Endo, Ph.D. / Team Leader (Aging Neuroscience)

End-of-Life Planning : Why Is It Necessary and What Deters You from Engaging in It?
  • Chiho Shimada, Ph.D. / Theme Leader (Exploring End-of-life care for the Elderly)
  • Ryo Hirayama, Ph.D. / Researcher (Exploring End-of-life care for the Elderly)

Super-resolution imaging of submitochondrial structure in living cells
  • Ikuroh Ohsawa, Ph.D. / Theme Leader (Biological Process of Aging)

Aging and vitamin C
  • Yoshitaka Kondo, Ph.D. / Former Researcher (Molecular Regulation of Aging)
  • Akihito Ishigami, Ph.D. / Team Leader (Functional Biogerontology)

Geriatrics & Gerontology International March 2016 Special Issue
  • Special Issue: Comprehensive Gerontological Approach for the Next Stage: Health and Medicine. Guest Editors: Hideki Ito MD PhD, Shunei Kyo MD PhD, Ryutaro Takahashi MD PhD, Shoji Shinkai MD PhD MPH, Tamao Endo PhD. This publication has been supported by Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology (Japan)

Lifestyle-related factors contributing to changes in lower-limb muscle strength among elderly women
  • Narumi Kojima / Researcher (Promoting Independence of the Elderly)

A glycomic study on semisupercentenarians for healthy aging and extreme longevity
  • Yuri Miura, Ph.D. / Theme Leader (Proteome Research)
  • Tamao Endo, Ph.D. / Former Deputy Director

Glycan structures on cell surface and aging
  • Masashi Toyoda, Ph.D. / Theme Leader (Vascular Medicine)

Disaster preparedness among older adults with care needs and their families
  • Tomoko Wakui, Ph.D. / Researcher (Human Care)

Neuromuscular junction; a potential therapeutic target for sarcopenia
  • Shuuichi Mori, Ph.D. / Researcher (Geriatric Medicine)

Prolonging Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Shuichi Obuchi, P.T., Ph.D. / Theme Leader (Human Care)
  • Hisashi Kawai, Ph.D. / Researcher (Human Care)

Identification of GDF15 as a diagnostic marker for mitochondrial diseases
  • Yasunori Fujita, Ph.D. / Researcher ( Mechanism of Aging )

Risk of low nutritional status among Japanese elderly
  • Yu Taniguchi, Ph.D. / Former Researcher ( Social Participation and Community Health )

How does walking prevent dementia?
  • Harumi Hotta, Ph.D. / Theme Leader ( Autonomic Neuroscience )

Program of the 4th East Asia-West Pacific Region Workshop on Aging Society and Elderly Care (PDF)

Shigemoto/Mori team established a new mouse model of myasthenia gravis caused by anti MuSK antibodies, clarified the pathogenesis of human disease, and paved the way for the development of new therapies for the disease. [External linkage]

How bathing accidents occur among old people?
  • Ryutaro Takahashi, M.D., Ph.D. / Former Vice-director ( Social and Human Sciences )

Identification of a mutant glycosyltransferase for muscle-eye-brain disease and its pathomechanism
  • Tamao Endo, Ph.D. / Former Deputy Director