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SONIC (Septuagenarians, Octogenarians, Nonagenarians Investigation with Centenarians)


Leader :
Tatsuro Ishizaki
Members :
Yukie Masui, Takeshi Kurinobu, Hiroki Inagaki, Madoka Ogawa, Yuri Miura, Shuichi Awata, Tamao Endo


healthy longevity; longitudinal study; genomic epidemiology; people aged 80+; centenarian,; arteriosclerosis; aging-related diseases; well-being; Oral diseases and oral function; nutrition; cognitive function; history of life; psychological strategies of adaptation

Major Research Titles

  1. 1.Aging-related changes in health status among oldest-old individuals
  2. 2.Influence of psychological strategies of adaptation on decline of cognitive function and psychological well-being
  3. 3.Genetic factors associated with aging-related diseases and healthy longevity
  4. 4.Effects of oral function on nutrition intake and healthy aging


The SONIC study aims to identify aging-related changes in functional characteristics and to examine factors associated with healthy longevity among community-dwelling oldest-old adults.
The SONIC study has several strong points: 1) a comprehensive interdisciplinary study including variables regarding medical, biological, sociological, psychological, physical, and dental domains; 2) a design involving sequential comparison of different age cohorts, such as ages 70, 80, 90, and 100 years; 3) a community-based study conducted in two major geographical regions (Tokyo and Hyogo) and two subregions (an urban area and a rural area) to examine effects of environment and lifestyle on healthy longevity.
We are planning to survey each age cohort in separate years and to follow the cohorts every 3 years, except for centenarians. The baseline surveys for the 70-year-old cohort, the 80-year-old cohort, and 90-year-old cohort were completed in 2010, 2011, and 2012, respectively. A follow-up survey for each age cohort has been conducted since 2013.