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From the Vice-president ( Biology and Medical Sciences )

>Akihito Ishigami,Ph.D.  The Fourth Medium-Term Research Projects’ Plan, approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, will be developed in the next five years from FY2023 to FY2027. During this period, the Division of Biology and Medical Sciences will strive to elucidate the mechanisms of pathogenesis and pathology, and aging to prevent, detect, and treat geriatric diseases such as vascular diseases, elderly cancer, dementia, and diabetes. Additionally, we will focus on other geriatric clinical syndromes such as sarcopenia and frailty, which are unique to the elderly. Furthermore, we will develop and apply new imaging analysis techniques and early diagnosis methods for dementia using positron emission tomography (PET), and participate in clinical trials in Japan and overseas to return the results of our research to society.

 The Division of Biology and Medical Sciences consists of six research teams: Mechanism of Aging, Functional Biogerontology, Aging Neuroscience, Aging Science, Geriatric Pathology, and Neuroimaging. Each research team includes researchers with diverse areas of expertise, including aging science, aging medicine, gerontology, glycobiology, proteomics, molecular biology, genetics, nutrition, neuroscience, behavioral science, pathology, nuclear medicine, cancer, and artificial intelligence (AI), among others. Additionally, through projects for promotion of research infrastructure, such as the Brain Bank for Aging Research (BBAR) and the Bioresource Center, we will contribute to the development of geriatric research and medical care for the elderly in Japan and other countries. Thus, researchers conducting cutting-edge research in various specialized fields have convened to investigate and elucidate the multifaceted and complex mechanisms of aging.

 Japan is already a super-aging society, and its citizens are eagerly expecting results from the research on aging, that will enable the elderly to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live in the community. The Division of Biology and Medical Sciences is responsible for publishing the results of conducted research to improve the medical care of Japanese citizens. In addition, we will contribute to the society by exchanging with researchers in other countries in Asia, Europe, and the United States by disseminating the knowledge from Japan to the world, to achieve improved health and longevity for the elderly.

Akihito Ishigami, Ph.D.
Vice-president ( Biology and Medical Sciences )