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From the Vice-president ( Biology and Medical Sciences )

>Kazuhiro Shigemto, M.D.,Ph.D. In 2018, our Institute implemented the Third Medium-Term (5-year) Research Projects Plan. The Biology and Medical Sciences research teams aim to promote research projects geared toward overcoming geriatric diseases, such as dementia, sarcopenia, frailty, vascular disease, and cancer in elderly patients. Members of the six research teams have diverse fields of expertise, such as geriatric science, gerontology, neuropathology, neurology, cancer pathology, nuclear medicine, neuroscience, nutrition science, sports medicine, biochemistry, glycobiology, and proteomics. In addition, the Brain Bank for Aging Research (BBAR) and Bioresource Center have been contributing to the development of research on dementia and neuropathological findings in Japan.

Given the pronounced societal aging trend, it is increasingly expected that findings of advanced aging research will enable the maintenance of a sustainable society with healthy lifespans of its citizens. The mechanisms of aging and geriatric diseases involve complex interactions among various genetic and environmental factors, with biological responses occurring over the course of individuals' long lives. Elucidation of the mechanisms underlying the large individual differences in the rate and extent of aging and the progress of geriatric diseases would enable the development of innovative treatments and early diagnostic and preventive methods with clear scientific bases. Our research interests range from fundamental research to applied sciences, and we are conducting interdisciplinary research in collaboration with professionals from the social sciences, hospitals, and nursing care facilities. We have conducted exchanges with researchers from Asia, Europe, and the United States, and we are actively contributing to society by spreading research results from Japan to the world to achieve health and longevity among elderly people.

Kazuhiro Shigemto, M.D.,Ph.D.
Vice-president ( Biology and Medical Sciences )