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Research Team for Geriatric Pathology

Team Leader

Toshiyuki Ishiwata, M.D., Ph.D.


Our team has been conducting pathological and pathophysiological research on geriatric diseases, specifically the pathology and molecular biology of aging, aging and carcinogenesis, the pathophysiology of subcortical dementia, and the neuropathological application of the Brain Bank for Aging Research (BBAR). Our work has involved clinical research based on basic geriatric and gerontological sciences. The purpose of our research is to contribute to the early diagnoses and treatments of geriatric diseases. Medical doctors and dentists in our team are engaged in pathological diagnosis and neurological clinical practice at the hospital, thus facilitating collaboration between our center's research institute and the hospital.
The team leader (T. I.) is currently the head of the Research Group for Aging and Carcinogenesis.

Major Research Titles