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Research Team for Geriatric Pathology

Team Leader

Toshiyuki Ishiwata, M.D., Ph.D.


Our team is conducting research with the aim of examining the etiology of senile diseases that occur and increase with aging, as well as developing methods for early detection and new treatment methods. In particular, we are examining the relationship between aging and cancer, onset mechanism of dementia, and neuropathological research using the Brain Bank for Aging Research. Based on basic research on human aging and senile diseases, we are conducting medical biology research and pathological diagnostic research that are close to clinical practice, and we are advocating for public research infrastructure promotion projects such as the Brain Bank for Aging Research. Several team members participate in the pathological diagnosis, autopsy diagnosis, and neurological practice that directly contribute to patients and play a role in connecting our center's hospitals and research institutes. Our team also collaborates with several universities, research institutes, and hospitals in Japan and abroad.

Major Research Titles