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PET Radiopharmaceutical Sciences


Theme Leader :
Jun Toyohara, Ph.D.
Researcher :
Muneyuki Sakata, Ph.D., Tetsuro Tago, Ph.D.
Adjunct Researcher :
Kiichi Ishiwata, Ph.D., Masahiro Mishina, M.D., Ph.D., Mikio Hiura, M.D., Ph.D., Yumi Yamamoto, Ph.D., Yuichi Kimura, Ph.D., Tadashi Nariai, M.D., Ph.D.


Molecular imaging, PET tracer, First-in-human

Major Research Titles

  1. 1.Development of novel PET tracers for clinical use
  2. 2.Research on small animal imaging.


1. Development of novel PET tracers for clinical use
Our research purposes are the development of novel PET tracers especially for neurodegenerative disorders and dementia, which develop frequently in elderly people. New PET tracers can provide new tools for research and exploration of the PET-based diagnosis of various diseases. For this purpose, we performed radio-synthesis of low molecular weight organic compounds with short half-lived positron emitters, basic biological evaluations of radiolabeled compounds, pre-clinical studies of candidates, and first-in-human clinical trials. So far nine novel PET tracers ([11C]SA4503, [11C]MPDX, [11C]TMSX, O-[11C]methyl-L-tyrosine, [11C]CHIBA-1001, [11C]4DST, [11C]ITMM, [11C]CB184, and [11C]Pleradenent) were subjected to first-in-human clinical trials by us.
Furthermore, we proceed the research by implementating various useful PET tracers developed by another institute and validate image analysis method to cooperate with the clinical PET diagnosis. In August 2014, our PET drug manufacturing facility was authenticated for production of [18F]Flutemetamol by Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine.

2.Research on small animal imaging
We are studying physiological and pathological functions of small animals with PET tracer libraries and high-resolution small-animal dedicated semiconductor PET installed in January 2011. Furthermore, from June 2013, we introduced the 1T-bench top MRI for small animal, which will accelerate the multimodality molecular imaging researches in our institute.


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