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Oral Frailty and Nutrition Research


Theme Leader :
Hirohiko Hirano, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Researcher :
Keiko Motokawa, R.D.N., Ph.D.
Adjunct Researcher :
Yutaka Watanabe, D.D.S., PhD., Takao Suzuki, M.D., Ph.D., Ikuo Nasu, D.D.S., PhD., Masanori Iwasaki, D.D.S., PhD., Yoshiko Motohashi, D.D.S., PhD., Junko Nakajima, D.D.S., PhD., Masaharu Murakami, D.D.S., PhD., Daisuke Takagi, D.D.S., PhD., Sanae Hironaka, D.D.S., Shiho Morishita, R.D.H., Yurie Mikami, R.D.N., Misato Hayakawa, R.D.N., Kaori Yamamoto, R.D.N., Chika Takahashi, R.D.H


Oral Frailty, Healthy life expectancy, Dementia, Home care, End-of-life care, Appetite, Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia for eating, Malnutrition, Dietary variety, Dysphagia diet, Oral function, Oral related health literacy, Community care, Day care

Major Research Titles

  1. 1.Research on improvement of oral function and nutrition in the elderly
  2. 2.Research on oral and nutritional support for elderly people with dementia
  3. 3.Research on oral cavity and nutrition policies


1. Research on improvement of oral function and nutrition in the elderly
This study examines the establishment of a method to evaluate oral function and nutrition, the development and verification of oral frailty prevention programs, and regulated diets that consider food type and swallowing function.
We are developing and verifying an index to evaluate oral function and nutrition in healthy elderly individuals, frail elderly individuals, and elderly individuals who need long-term care, and are aiming for widespread use in the community and in nursing practice. With regard to Oral Frailty and related prevention program, we are conducting a large-scale research project jointly with a number of research institutes. Our aim is to achieve widespread understanding of Oral Frailty and implementation of the prevention program not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries. Our research on regulated diets that consider food type and swallowing function extracts issues identified in a large-scale fact-finding survey and conducts multi-faceted analysis on methods to address these issues in the community with the aim of promoting their implementation.

Figure 1

2. Research on oral and nutritional support for elderly people with dementia
This study aims to clarify various problems related to oral intake of people suffering from dementia, neuromuscular symptoms, and drug side effects, and to through multi-occupation collaboration obtain collective intelligence related to evaluation and response measures. With the goal of addressing the issues that have been identified, we are creating guidelines on dental treatment and other oral care for elderly people with dementia, while using data collected at nursing-care insurance facilities, group homes, etc. to conduct analysis on the diagnosis, stage, and clinical condition of dementia patients, as well as information on medication, symptoms of oral intake difficulties, countermeasures, etc. We aim to establish a support method for oral intake, including evaluation and response measures, through multi-occupation collaboration that includes families and carers, so that ultimately, elderly dementia patients can continue to live in the area they are familiar with.

Figure 2

3. Research on oral cavity and nutrition policies
We will assess the effects of policies related to oral and nutrition medical and nursing care fees, extract new issues and other oral and nutrition-related institutional problems, and establish a basis for revising medical and nursing care fees. In addition, with the aim of further promoting an integrated community care system, we are conducting research projects to assess oral intake condition and nutritional status, promote continued home care, and increase the availability of nursing care, targeting healthy elderly individuals through to those requiring long-term care. In particular, we aim to contribute to the development of human resources and regional services, clarify the role of nursing care facilities, promote an integrated community care system, and maintain medical and long-term care insurance services to provide the oral and nutritional care necessary to enable elderly patients to continue to live as they wish.

Figure 3


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