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Medical Genome / Biomarker Team

Message from the Vice Director

>Atsushi Iwata, M.D.,Ph.D. Dementia can be caused by various ailments such as Alzheimer's, Lewy bodies, and Pick's disease. These are diagnosed by examining a patient's symptoms; however, the diagnosis by such a method differs from the pathological diagnosis made after death. Our goal is to find a simpler means to diagnose brain diseases using alternative methods, such as blood sampling, to resolve this discrepancy. We would like to ask all the patients who visit our center to attempt to understand the purpose of this project and cooperate with us in starting a new era of brain disease diagnostics.
We look forward to working with you.

Atsushi Iwata, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Director of Integrated Research Initiative for Living Well with Dementia


It is crucial to determine the pathology of a disease, but unrealistic to diagnose brain diseases by examining brain tissue in front of a patient under a microscope. However, we are entering an era where various technologies have made it possible to estimate abnormalities in the brain using peripheral blood with the help of blood tests. We aim to develop new technologies to enable the pathological diagnosis of dementia based on genome and biomarkers.