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The Center for Promoting Dementia Support

Message from the Vice Director

Kae Ito, M.D. The Dementia Support Promotion Center, commissioned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, was founded in 2015 with the aim of developing human resources concerning dementia care. Our goal is to foster healthcare professionals or leaders of local governments who work to improve the living conditions of people with dementia. To pursue this goal, our main activity involves planning and running a variety of seminars, training sessions, workshops.

● Geographic area covered by our center: the entire Tokyo Metropolis, including its islands
● Main topics of the seminars and other events:
  - current state of dementia support policies of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  - the role of professionals involved in dementia care
  - diagnosis, treatments, features, and clinical symptoms of dementia
  - individual support plans and rights advocacy in dementia care
  - medical care, long- term care, and welfare services
  - collaboration between different professionals and organizations

All our seminars, workshops, and other events make use of data taken from clinical practice and research carried out by the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Medical Center. Through endless pursuit of medical care to improve the overall well-being of our elderly population, we will work hard to realize a society in which people with dementia can live with dignity.

Kae Ito, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Director of Integrated Research Initiative for Living Well with Dementia


The Dementia Support Center Team provides training to medical professionals, such as doctors and medical center staff, involved in dementia care in Tokyo. We also support the leaders of Tokyo’s municipalities, such as the dementia community support staff, and the initial–phase Intensive Support Team members to improve their responsiveness towards dementia.
We will continue to work with other teams to share the returns of our research achievements with the city’s residents.