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From the CEO

Kenji Toba, M.D.,Ph.D. Japan faces super-aged society wherein the number of elderly people exceeds one-fourth of the whole population. It is difficult for us to overcome the difficulties of these age dynamics, particularly in metropolitan areas, even with the policies of “health insurance for the whole nation” (1961~) and long-term care insurance (2000~), which are known as the most excellent policies worldwide.
 People with cognitive decline have exceeded 6 million. The Japanese government laid down National Framework for Promotion of Dementia Policies in 2019. In the policy, new pillars were set: 1) Inclusion of people with dementia to decide medical, care, and community services; 2) provision of attention to caregivers' burden; 3) promotion of a dementia-friendly community; 4) promotion of preventive research focused on lifestyle-related dementia risks.
We have started the new “initiative for dementia research toward dementia in place,” in which multiple populations-based longitudinal cohort data are joined and multimodal neurological imaging with psychological tests are accumulated from memory clinics. Further, we have an excellent brain bank for making the accurate diagnosis.
We will integrate these databases to develop a new diagnostic tool using artificial intelligence technologies and new biomarkers and precision preventive medicine for cognitive decline to achieve burden-free care for dementia.
To create a dementia-friendly community in Tokyo in the future, we will share the data resources.

Kenji Toba, M.D.,Ph.D.
CEO of Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology