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From the Director

Shuichi Awata, M.D.,Ph.D. In Japan that has higher population longevity than other countries, it is common for older people to live with dementia. However, there are many challenges associated with living with dementia in today’s society. In metropolitan Tokyo, the number of people living alone with dementia is rapidly increasing, and, thereby, the number of people facing complicated challenges including social isolation and multiple health, economic and housing problems is also increasing. It means that there is an increased risk for an infringement on citizenship rights of people living with dementia. The national government published the National Framework for Promotion of Dementia Policies in 2019 and stated that the dementia measures will be promoted under the concept of “inclusiveness” and “prevention”. The concept of “inclusiveness” is consistent with that of “dementia friendly communities” as a global movement. It means a society where people can live well with dementia, without prejudice and discrimination against dementia or disability. The concept of “prevention” is consistent with the recommendations of the World Health Organization that risk reduction should be performed in the context of Primary Health Care. This involves creating a society where every person can lead a healthy life, maintaining quality of life, while ensuring accessibility to necessary information and services, as a citizenship right. In line with these concepts, the IRIDE aims to create a future society where every citizen can live with hope and dignity regardless of dementia or disability. For this purpose, we will integrate the data accumulated in both our hospital and institute and develop the integrated data-base, conduct multifaceted studies in collaboration with various research initiatives, and develop new technologies and strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, education, and community- and policy-making. We hope to collaborate with people living with dementia, their families, and every citizens working to create a future society.

Shuichi Awata, M.D.,Ph.D.
Director of Integrated Research Initiative for Living Well with Dementia